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Alesana (pronounced Alice-Anna;/ˈælɪs ˈænə/) is a post-hardcore band from Raleigh, North Carolina . They have released one EP, which 5 of the 7 songs were used on 2 of the 3 full length albums, and have released 3 full length albums.

FC Alesana Indonesia: http://twitter.com/INDOwantALESANA


1. Dennis Lee (Vocals)

2. Shawn Milke (Guitar/Vocals)

3. Patrick Thompson (Guitar)

4. Alex Torres (Guitar)

5. Shane Crump (Bass)

6 Jeremy Bryan (Drums)

Try This with Your Eyes Closed (2005)

1.Apology (4:10)
2.Endings Without Stories (3:43)
3.And They Call This Tragedy (4:29)
4.Not a Single Word About This (3:30)
5.Red and Dying Evening (2:58)
6.Congratulations, I Hate You (3:57)
7.Early Mourning (3:46)
8.Goodbye, Goodnight for Good (3:18)
9.Beautiful In Blue (3:17)

On Frail Wings of Vanity and Wax (2006)

1.Icarus (1:00)
2.Ambrosia (3:05)
3.Pathetic, Ordinary (4:00)
4.Alchemy Sounded Good At The Time (4:13)
5.Daggers Speak Louder Than Words (3:27)
6.The Last Three Letters (3:23)
7.Apology (4:18)
8.Tilting The Hourglass (3:48)
9.This Conversation Is Over (3:23)
10.Congratulations, I Hate You (4:02)
11.The Third Temptation Of Paris (3:42)
12.A Siren's Soliloquy (4:00)
13.Nero's Decay (4:26)

Where Myth Fades to Legend (2008)

1.This Is Usually the Part Where People Scream (3:48)
2.Goodbye, Goodnight, for Good (3:15)
3.Seduction (4:45)
4.A Most Profound Quiet (3:17)
5.Red and Dying Evening (3:28)
6.Better Luck Next Time, Prince Charming (3:20)
7.The Uninvited Thirteenth (3:40)
8.Sweetheart, You Are Sadly Mistaken (5:26)
9.And They Call This Tragedy (3:43)
10.All Night Dance Parties in the Underground Palace (3:18)
11.Endings Without Stories (4:01)
12.As You Wish (3:26)
13.Obsession Is Such an Ugly Word (5:58)

The Emptiness (2010)

1.Curse of the Virgin Canvas (4:49)
2.The Artist (3:46)
3.A Lunatic's Lament (4:05)
4.The Murderer (4:33)
5.Hymn for the Shameless (5:38)
6.The Thespian (4:42)
7.Heavy Hangs the Albatross (3:51)
8.The Lover (3:25)
9.In Her Tomb By the Sounding Sea (3:41)
10.To Be Scared By an Owl (4:11)
11.Annabel (7:19)

Alesana's Music Video:



The Thespian

Alesana Live

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