Sabtu, 18 Juni 2011

Pemenggalan kepala meningkat di Arab Saudi

Beheadings increase in Saudi Arabia

An execution in Saudi Arabia, in a photo released by Amnesty International. The death penalty is mainly carried out by beheading. (Amnesty International)


CAIRO - Amnesty International is condemning what it says is a sharp rise in beheadings in Saudi Arabia and is urging authorities in the kingdom to halt executions.

Amnesty said in a Friday statement that the kingdom has executed at least 27 people this year. That's equal to the total number put to death in all of 2010.

At least five of those executed this year were foreign nationals.

The rights group says more than 100 others are on death row. Many of them are foreigners.

The group highlighted the case of two brothers sentenced to death in 1998 for murder and at "imminent risk of execution." Amnesty says they had no access to lawyers.

"However strongly the Saudi Arabian authorities support the death penalty, they must at least recognize that no one should be executed after such problematic legal proceedings and commute their death sentences," said Philip Luther, Amnesty International's Deputy Director for the Middle East and North Africa.

Saudi Arabia follows a strict interpretation of Islam under which people convicted of murder, drug trafficking, rape and armed robbery can be executed - usually with a sword.


The rights group says more than 100 others are on death row. Many of them are foreigners. 

Pendapat saya:

memang orang asing seperti TKI rentan terhadap hukuman seperti ini dikarenakan mereka buta dengan sistem hukum di arab saudi sedangkan orang arab saudi sendiri sudah paham dan lebih bisa berkelit sehingga lolos dari hukuman penggal kepala. 


TS tidak bisa mengatur orang mau komen apa, tapi TS berharap tred ini jadi tred bermutu dengan komen2 agan semua.

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