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Trivia, Updates and more about Flyleaf:

+ Foto Lacey waktu mengandung anaknya,

My husband Joshua and I are overjoyed to be expecting a baby boy early next year! ♥ Lacey

+ Sebagian besar lagu-lagu Flyleaf di tulis oleh Lacey dan Sameer

+ Trnyta album memento mori merupakan album yg sngat pnting bagi para Flyleaf itu sndri, Lacey bertutur bahwa dy mrasa bgtu emosional ktika menyanyikannya.
Lebih lengkapnya bisa dibaca dsni:
The record is made of messages like that. Flyleaf titled the album MEMENTO MORI—a Latin phrase meaning "Be mindful of death"—in order to remind the world how precious life is. The band tries to take advantage of each and every opportunity presented to them, and they're an example of dreams coming to fruition through never giving up. For Sameer, that sentiment of living every day to its fullest is essential for creating music. "Each day is a new beginning. It's never too late to become the kind of superhero you imagined you'd be when you were a kid."

+ Lagu favorit Lacey ketika di bawakan live adalah Cassie

+ Flyleaf slalu ditemani oleh seorang pastur ketika melakukan road-show

+ Video-Clips I'm So Sick muncul qra2 10 menit dalam film "Live Free Or Die Hard" ketika setting filmnya di TV salah satu apartemen sang tokoh

+ Lagu "Set Apart This Dream" dan "Tiny Heart" (album Memento Mori) ditulis Lacey untuk anak perempuannya. Lebih lengkapnya bisa dibaca dsni:
On the other end of the emotional spectrum, Lacey drew inspiration for her vocal performance for "Set Apart this Dream" and "Tiny Heart" from her relationship with her younger sister. She says, "My sister is 17, and she's about to become a woman. She's always looked up to me. As much as I can, I want to make sure she doesn't make the same mistakes I have. She listens to me. This record has stories about failing and consequences of wrong decisions. My songs are usually hopeful in a really dark way. Many times artists can communicate deep feelings for other people and it heals them. That's what art does."

+ Lagu Fully Alive di desas-desuskan lagu yg membahas ttg Layla Palmer

+ Flyleaf turut serta dalam "Family Values Tour" bersama musisi rmetal Legendaris asal Jepang, Dir en Grey

+ Lacey berkolaborasi dalam pmbuatan video bersama Apocalyptica yg brjudul "Broken Pieces"(July 2010) dan ikut serta dalam pmbuatan lgu bersama Orianthi brjudul "Courage"

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